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Traveling is in all aspects a universal need with the target of satisfaction. Nonetheless only some travelling companies qualify the experience to fulfill the satisfaction of the clients, every one of them is proud to have the compliment from their clients to give good commentary of the tour arrangement.

Gloria Tours & travel progressively compete forward at all times among the leading travel agents to create the special programs of no matter case . the staffs are all qualified in their respective job with long terms of experience.

Satisfaction is guarantieed and you will be in good care on our hand.

Beyond conventional tour packages we are  incessantly creating the new programs that deal special arrangements, special interests. Off beaten trcak programs, conventions and any other tailor made excursion to update the market demands.

We will provide our personals in charge capable speaking fluently any word-widely foreign languages such as english, french, Italian, German, japanese, Dutch,Spanish.

We have the experience needed to explore all over Sulawesi  and others of Indonesia and we are the specialists to handle the most complicate arrangements. We know all you need and we know what we ought to provide.

Our Sulawesi tour manual might only guide you to a glimpse of Sulawesi exploration outlook. We still keep a large stock of interesting programs await you. It is our pleasure to have you explore our beautiful country Indonesia.

Wishing you a pleasant trip .

Gloria Tours & Travel



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